Edamame – Steamed soybeans that are lightly salted.

Hiyayako – Cold tofu with ginger, green onion, fish flakes.

Hiyashi Wakame – Cold seaweed salad.

Fresh Oysters – 4 pcs oysters served on the half shell with ponzu sauce.

Sunomono – Thinly sliced cucmber with house vinegar sauce with kani, octopus, or shrimp.

Shrimp Cocktail – 5 pcs of steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce.


Goma-ae - steamed spinach salad with house sesame sauce

Shumai - steamed shrimp dumpling

Grilled Shrimp - grilled shrimp & vegetables with ponzu sauce

Grilled Mussels - house sauce on grilled green mussels

Grilled Scallops - grilled scallop with house ponzu sauce

Yaki Tori - grilled chicken on skewer

Yaki Ika - grilled whole squid

Hamachi Kama - grilled Yellowtail collar

Asparagus Beef - grilled asparagus with thinly sliced beef

Negima Yaki - grilled green onion with thinly sliced beef

Tako Yaki - octopus ball


Yellow Tail Jalapeno - thin slice of fresh hamachi with jalapeno, & yuzu ponzu

Agedashi Tofu - deep fried tofu with house sauce

Gyoza - vegetable pot stickers

Chicken Karaage - garlic chicken nuggets

Kaki Fry - fried oysters

Calamari - breaded deep fried squid

Vegetable Tempura - battered and deep fried mixed vegetables

Tempura - battered and deep fried prawns & vegetables

Prawn Tempura - battered and deep fried prawns

Soft Shell Crab - battered & deep fried soft shell crab

Chicken Wings - battered and deep fried wings