Edamame – Steamed soybeans that are lightly salted.

Hiyayako – Cold tofu with ginger, green onion, fish flakes.

Hiyashi Wakame – Cold seaweed salad.

Fresh Oysters – 4 pcs oysters served on the half shell with ponzu sauce.

Sunomono – Thinly sliced cucmber with house vinegar sauce with kani, octopus, or shrimp.

Shrimp Cocktail – 5 pcs of steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce.


Goma-ae - steamed spinach salad with house sesame sauce

Shumai - steamed shrimp dumpling

Grilled Shrimp - grilled shrimp & vegetables with ponzu sauce

Grilled Mussels - house sauce on grilled green mussels

Grilled Scallops - grilled scallop with house ponzu sauce

Yaki Tori - grilled chicken on skewer

Yaki Ika - grilled whole squid

Hamachi Kama - grilled Yellowtail collar

Asparagus Beef - grilled asparagus with thinly sliced beef

Negima Yaki - grilled green onion with thinly sliced beef

Tako Yaki - octopus ball


Yellow Tail Jalapeno - thin slice of fresh hamachi with jalapeno, & yuzu ponzu

Agedashi Tofu - deep fried tofu with house sauce

Gyoza - vegetable pot stickers

Chicken Karaage - garlic chicken nuggets

Kaki Fry - fried oysters

Calamari - breaded deep fried squid

Vegetable Tempura - battered and deep fried mixed vegetables

Tempura - battered and deep fried prawns & vegetables

Prawn Tempura - battered and deep fried prawns

Soft Shell Crab - battered & deep fried soft shell crab

Chicken Wings - battered and deep fried wings


All Bento boxes are served with miso soup, salad & rice

Kid’s Bento | Your choice of 1 item below (under 9)

3 Item Bento | your choice of 3 items below

Sushi Bento | 4 pcs of nigiri (chef choice) and 2 different items below 

Item Choices: Beef teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, Chicken teriyaki, Fish katsu, Salmon Teriyaki, Edamame, Saba Shioyaki, Sashimi (5pcs), Wakame, Avocado roll, Tempura, California roll, Sesame Chicken, Gyoza (veg), Ton Katsu, Kappa Maki

Set Dinner Combination | ½ size sushi bowls (sushi bowl of your choice) ½ size udon (plain traditional japanese noodle soup) Wakame (served with Salad)


Spicy Donburi - spicy tuna over sushi rice

Tekka Donburi - tuna sashimi over sushi rice

Chirashi - assorted raw fish over sushi rice

Una-Ju - grilled eel w/ unagi sauce over steamed rice

Oyako Donburi - fresh salmon sashimi & Ikura (salmon roe) over seasoned sushi rice.


Clam Miso Soup - fresh manila clams in traditional miso soup with green onion

Shimeji Miso Soup - traditional miso soup with shimeji mushroom, tofu & green onion

House Miso Soup - traditional miso soup with with tofu, seaweed and green onion

House Salad - mixed greens and sliced cucumber with special sauce

Rice - steamed white rice

Grilled Chicken Salad - mixed greens with grilled chicken

Tofu Salad - mixed greens with japanese silky tofu

Seared Tuna Salad - mixed greens with seared tuna

Spicy Sashimi Salad - assorted raw fish & greens mixed in house spicy sauce

Four Corners Salad - mixed greens with crab, shrimp, smoked salmon & avocado



All Entrees served w/ miso soup, salad & rice

Galbi - bbq short ribs

Beef teriyaki - grilled beef

Chicken Teriyaki - grilled chicken

Saba Shioyaki - grilled mackerel

Salmon (Shioyaki or Teriayaki) - grilled salmon w/ dash of salt or teriyaki sauce

Spicy Chicken - grilled chicken, stir fried in house spicy sauce

Yaki Soba - stir fried japanese egg noodle with vegetables (Chicken or beef add 2.00)

Yaki Udon - butter stir fried udon noodles with vegetables (Chicken or beef add 2.00)


All Entrees served w/ miso soup, salad & rice

Chicken Katsu - breaded & deep fried chicken fillet, served with katsu sauce

Ton Katsu - breaded & deep fried lean pork cutlet served with katsu sauce

Fish Katsu - breaded & deep fried tilapia, served with katsu sauce

Sesame Chicken - teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds over lightly battered & deep fried chicken

Vegetable Tempura - lightly battered & deep fried assorted vegetables

Mixed Tempura - lightly battered & deep fried prawns & vegetables

Shrimp Tempura - lightly battered & deep fried prawns



Served with salad

Vegetable Udon - traditional japanese noodle soup with vegetables

Kitsune Udon - inari, wakame & green onion

Udon (Chicken or Beef) - traditional japanese noodle soup

Tempura Udon - traditional japanese noodle soup with tempura

Nabeyaki Udon - traditional japanese noodle soup with shrimp tempura, chicken, fish cake & vegetables

Seafood Udon - traditional Japanese noodle soup with mixed seafood, clams, & vegetables

Zaru Soba - cold buck wheat noodle with dipping sauce

Ten Zaru - zaru soba with tempura



Served w/ miso soup, salad & rice

Shiro Maguro (Albacore)

Maguro (Tuna)

Sake (Salmon)

Hamachi (Yellow tail)

Hirame Usuzukuri (Fluke)

Mori Awase (15 pcs) Assorted Sashimi

Boat (30 pcs) Assorted Sashimi



Sushi Lunch - 5 pcs of assorted sushi & + CA roll

Nigiri Mix - 9 pc of assorted sushi

Nigiri Deluxe - 9 pcs of assorted sushi + tekka maki

Roll Combination - futo maki, CA roll, + tekka maki

Deluxe Sushi Combination - 7 pcs of nigiri + CA roll + tekka

O’ Sushi & Sashimi - 5 pcs of nigiri + CA roll + 9 pcs sashimi

Veg Combination - 2 pcs inari + futo maki + 2 pcs avocado nigiri.



Crazy Jalapenos - deep fried stuffed jalapeno with spicy tuna
& cream cheese

49ers Roll - salmon over CA roll with lemon on top

Atlantic Roll - CA roll with salmon on top fried katsu style

Crazy Horse - tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado, tobiko

Shogun - unagi, ebi, hamachi, avocado, tobiko

Honeymoon - snow crab, unagi, avocado, tobiko

Spider Roll - deep fried soft shell crab, lettuce, avocado,

Volcanic Scallop - scallop over Cali DX roll baked with house

Green House Roll - white fish tempura with cream cheese,
topped with wakame & tobiko

A’s Roll - mango & avocado over Cali DX roll with house sauce

Spicy Tuna Tempura - deep fried spicy tuna roll

Lion King - salmon over Cali DX roll bakedwith house sauce

Crunch Roll - deep fried Cali roll(+2.00 for CA DX)

Super CA Roll - unagi over CA roll

Hawaiian Roll - spicy tuna wrapped with tuna with ponzu sauce

Caterpillar - avocado over unagi and cucumber roll

Dragon Roll - unagi and avocado over shrimp tempura roll

Rainbow Roll - assorted raw fish and tobiko over CA roll

Newark Roll - assorted raw fish over shrimp tempura roll (can be substituted for SP tuna or CA DX)

Cherry Blossom - tuna over salmon with avocado roll

Ball of Fury - spicy tuna wrapped with sliced avocado (with soft shell crab add 2.00)

Golden Gate Roll - tuna over CA roll

Tempura Roll - shrimp tempura, avocado, and Tobiko

Fire Cracker - tempura shiso leaves topped with spicy tuna, tobiko and wakame

Kamikaze - spicy tuna, tobiko, green onion, & tempura flakes over shrimp temp roll

Ichiban - hamachi, unagi over CA roll

Poki Roll - wakame over spicy tuna roll

SF Giants - salmon and unagi over CA DX roll

Kiss of Fire - shrimp tempura & snow crab inside, spicy tuna, unagi, tempura flakes on top with spicy house sauce

Loki Roll - katsu fried unagi on top of snow crab and shrimp tempura roll

Super Lion King - unagi & salmon over CA DX roll, baked with house sauce

Kuri Kuri - hamachi, sake, maguro, shiro maguro, & kani stick wrapped in cucumber with garlic ponzu, tobiko, and green onion

Green Valley - shrimp tempura, cucumber with avocado on top

Raiders Roll - unagi and avocado roll topped with super white tuna

California Roll

California Deluxe - California roll with snow crab & avocado

Alaska Roll - fresh salmon + avocado

New York Roll - shrimp + avocado

Philadelphia Roll - salmon+ cream cheese + avocado

Seattle Roll - grilled salmon + avocado

Unagi Roll - unagi + avocado or cucumber

Spicy Tuna Roll - spicy tuna + cucumber

Salmon Skin Roll

Florida Roll - fresh tuna + avocado

Negi Hama - hamachi + scallion



Oshinko Roll - pickled radish

Kanpyo Roll - marinated gourd

Shitake Roll - marinated black mushroom

FutoMaki - assorted pickled vegetables& tamago

Avocado Roll


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