Served w/ miso soup, salad & rice

Shiro Maguro (Albacore)

Maguro (Tuna)

Sake (Salmon)

Hamachi (Yellow tail)

Hirame Usuzukuri (Fluke)

Mori Awase (15 pcs) Assorted Sashimi

Boat (30 pcs) Assorted Sashimi


Yellow Tail Jalapeno - thin slice of fresh hamachi with jalapeno, & yuzu ponzu

Ankimo (Monk fish liver)

Ceviche - Peruvian style raw fish with homemade marinade. Choose your protein (Maguro, Sake, Hamachi, or Hirame).

Carpaccio - Brazilian style hors d’oeuvre with very thinly sliced raw fish. Choose your protein (Maguro, Sake, Hamachi, or Hirame).


Sushi Lunch - 5 pcs of assorted sushi & + CA roll

Nigiri Mix - 9 pc of assorted sushi

Nigiri Deluxe - 9 pcs of assorted sushi + tekka maki

Roll Combination - futo maki, CA roll, + tekka maki

Deluxe Sushi Combination - 7 pcs of nigiri + CA roll + tekka

O’ Sushi & Sashimi - 5 pcs of nigiri + CA roll + 9 pcs sashimi

Veg Combination - 2 pcs inari + futo maki + 2 pcs avocado nigiri.


O' Sushi Nigiri Photos

Ama-Ebi (seasonal) - sweet shrimp

Ebi - tiger shrimp

Hamachi - yellowtail

Hirame - halibut

Hokkigai - surf clam

Hotate - scallop

Mirugai (seasonal)


Sake - fresh salmon

Smoked Salmon

Tai - red snapper

Maguro - tuna

Shiro Maguro - albacore

Ika - squid

Ikura - salmon roe

Inari - bean curd

Kaki - fresh oyster

Kani - snow crab

Tako - octopus

Tamago - egg omelet

Toro (seasonal) - tuna belly

Tobiko - flying fish roe

Unagi - fresh water eel

Uni (seasonal)- sea urchin


California Roll - imitation crab slice + avocado

California Deluxe - snow crab + avocado

Alaska Roll - fresh salmon + avocado

New York Roll - shrimp + avocado

Philadelphia Roll - salmon + cream cheese + avocado

Seattle Roll - grilled salmon + avocado

Unagi Roll - unagi + avocado or cucumber

Spicy Tuna Roll - spicy tuna + cucumber

Salmon Skin Roll - grilled salmon skin + cucumber + green onion + tobiko

Florida Roll - fresh tuna + avocado

Negi Hama - hamachi + scallion

Tekka - tuna roll

Kappa - cucumber roll

Oshinko Roll - picked radish

Kanpyo Roll - marinated gourd

Shiitake Roll - marinated black mushroom

Futo Maki - assorted picked vegetables & tamago

Avocado Roll

Natto Maki - made with fermented soybeans (natto)

Ume Shiso Maki - made with umeboshi pickled plums and fresh shiso leaves


(Rolls are cut into 5-8 pcs)


Warriors Roll - spicy tuna and cucumber inside with white tuna on top. Served with homemade mango pico de gallo, micro greens, and shredded daikon

Red Dragon - shrimp tempura and avocado inside with tuna on top. Served with spicy mayo and unagi sauce

Fremont Roll - oshinko, cucumber and shiitake inside with diced tuna on top mixed with tobiko and spicy aioli.

Tuna Tower - spicy scallop, spicy tuna, snow crab, diced red tuna, avocado, staked like a tower. Served with unagi sauce, sweet mayo, and tobiko.

R&R Roll - bay scallops and snow crab inside with salmon on top covered with kiwi. Served with homemade kiwi mayo.

Joe’s Special - cream cheese, snow crab, shrimp tempura inside with unagi on top. Served with unagi sauce.

Christophe Roll - cucumber, steamed shrimp, spicy tuna inside with salmon on top. Served with microgreens, tobiko, and yuzu vinaigrette.

Coco Roll - shrimp tempura and snow crab inside with salmon, tuna, and cilantro on top served with garlic ponzu.

Salmon Lovers - salmon inside and salmon on top.

Snow White - snow crab and avocado inside with hamachi on top

#1 Roll - shrimp tempura snow crab inside with salmon, tuna, and snow crab on top. Served with unagi sauce, house spicy sauce, green onion and tobiko

O’ Burrito - shrimp tempura, snow crab, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, unagi sauce, spicy mayo (add additional salmon, tuna, or hamachi for $3).

Deep Fried Philly - salmon, cream cheese, and avocado deep fried. Served with unagi sauce and sweet mayo.

Crazy Jalapenos - deep fried stuffed jalapeno with spicy tuna
& cream cheese

49ers Roll - salmon over CA roll with lemon on top

Atlantic Roll - CA roll with salmon on top fried katsu style

Crazy Horse - tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado, tobiko

Shogun - unagi, ebi, hamachi, avocado, tobiko

Honeymoon - snow crab, unagi, avocado, tobiko

Spider Roll - deep fried soft shell crab, lettuce, avocado,

Volcanic Scallop - scallop over Cali DX roll baked with house

Green House Roll - white fish tempura with cream cheese,
topped with wakame & tobiko

A’s Roll - mango & avocado over Cali DX roll with house sauce

Spicy Tuna Tempura - deep fried spicy tuna roll

Lion King - salmon over Cali DX roll bakedwith house sauce

Crunch Roll - deep fried Cali roll(+2.00 for CA DX)

Super CA Roll - unagi over CA roll

Hawaiian Roll - spicy tuna wrapped with tuna with ponzu sauce

Caterpillar - avocado over unagi and cucumber roll

Dragon Roll - unagi and avocado over shrimp tempura roll

Rainbow Roll - assorted raw fish and tobiko over CA roll

Newark Roll - assorted raw fish over shrimp tempura roll (can be substituted for SP tuna or CA DX)

Cherry Blossom - tuna over salmon with avocado roll

Ball of Fury - spicy tuna wrapped with sliced avocado (with soft shell crab add 2.00)

Golden Gate Roll - tuna over CA roll

Tempura Roll - shrimp tempura, avocado, and Tobiko

Fire Cracker - tempura shiso leaves topped with spicy tuna, tobiko and wakame

Kamikaze - spicy tuna, tobiko, green onion, & tempura flakes over shrimp temp roll

Ichiban - hamachi, unagi over CA roll

Poki Roll - wakame over spicy tuna roll

SF Giants - salmon and unagi over CA DX roll

Kiss of Fire - shrimp tempura & snow crab inside, spicy tuna, unagi, tempura flakes on top with spicy house sauce

M&M - shrimp tempura & snow crab inside, spicy tuna, unagi, tempura flakes on top with spicy house sauce.

Loki Roll - katsu fried unagi on top of snow crab and shrimp tempura roll

Super Lion King - unagi & salmon over CA DX roll, baked with house sauce

Kuri Kuri - hamachi, sake, maguro, shiro maguro, & kani stick wrapped in cucumber with garlic ponzu, tobiko, and green onion

Green Valley - shrimp tempura, cucumber with avocado on top

Raiders Roll - unagi and avocado roll topped with super white tuna

Note: Escolar is an oily fish that possess a very high content (14-25%) of wax esters known as gempylotoxin that the human body is not able to digest and metabolize because of a lack of the type of enzymes needed to break the large waxy ester into smaller molecules. Some individuals who consume this wax ester find themselves experiencing severe intestinal discomfort.

Please limit the consumption of Escolar to 6-8 ounces per serving.